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Can a Nature Informed Model Improve and Transform Schools?

Webinar: April 7th at 7PM Central

Morpho Institute:

Lessons from nature have the potential to inform every aspect of schooling from leadership to curriculum to building design and maintenance. As educators are embracing these opportunities (and they are!), students, communities, and planet Earth all benefit. Join us for a very special evening with Dr. Lisa Kensler and learn more about her work as a thought leader in the green schools movement and how a nature-informed model can improve and transform your classroom and your school.

Dr. Kensler, professor of Educational Leadership at Auburn University, is the co-author of three books, Leadership for Green Schools: Sustainability for Our Children, Our Communities, and Our Planet (2017, co-authored with Cynthia L. Uline); A Practical Guide to Leading Green Schools: Partnering with Nature to Create Vibrant, Flourishing, Sustainable Schools (2021, co-authored with Cynthia L. Uline); Trailblazers for Whole School Sustainability: Case Studies of Educators in Action (2022, edited with Jennifer Seydel, Cynthia L. Merse, and David Sobel)

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